Commercial Termite Control

Allpest’s commercial department contains over 20 qualified technicians at your disposal to provide your business with the best support you could desire. We are the Perth specialists for termite and white ant inspection and our effective pest management programs are tailored to suit your business.

We offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual Pest Management programs. We are even able to tailor your Pest Management program to account for seasonal variations of particular pests.

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Termite Control Perth

Our termite treatment Perth is second to none, and we offer a range of options for our clientele, using chemical treatments as well as providing safe, chemical-free protection for those customers who worry about safety.

Our range of chemical treatments are best for the business owner who wants piece of mind on his investment and his company's reputation!

Termidor (Active Constituent : Fipronil)

Termidor is invisible to Termites, it is water based, has no odour, will not leach through soil and is not damaging to soil micro-organisms, earthworms or plants. In addition to being a chemical lethal to termites, the chemical is transferred from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and exchange of food. Under ideal circumstances, this transfer of chemical from one termite to another has the ability to achieve complete colony eradication. Termidor has a residual life of approximately seven years.

Premise (Active Constituent : Imidacloprid)

Premise is invisible to Termites, it is water based, has no odour and is the only termiticide which is not classified as hazardous according to Worksafe Australia. Premise also transfers from one termite to another through general contact, grooming and exchange of food. Premise has a residual life of approximately five years.

Premise and Termidor are the latest products available as a result of tens of years of research by their respective companies. Generally they are considered the best available chemicals for treating termites.

Bifenthrin (Active Constituent : Bifenthrin)

Unlike Premise and Termidor which are invisible to termites, Biflex in addition to being lethal to termites is a termite repellent. Due to the repellent nature of the chemical there may be an odour associated with the application, however this dissipates quite quickly. It has a residual life of three to ten years (dependent on mix concentration) and is a time proven method of treating termites with successful results for the last ten years. It is also generally the least expensive option for termite management.

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