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Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in households and businesses. They tend to favour conditions similar to those that humans live in, which is why effective cockroach pest control in Perth is so important. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils and preparation areas with droppings, vomit and skin sheds. Additionally, wherever a cockroach infestation occurs is usually accompanied with a foul odour, caused by their bodily secretions.

Current legislation requires all food businesses to provide a kitchen free of pests, an easy way to do this is for Allpest to provide you with a Foodsafe, HACCP and AQIS compliant cockroach management programme.

Cockroach Treatment

We treat cockroaches using bait, killing them with the latest pesticides and also preventing their return.

Cockroach control in Perth is usually achieved through a combination of:

  • Insecticidal dusts
  • Wet chemical sprays
  • Cockroach gels

The dust penetrates all cracks and crevices, flushing them out of all cockroach living areas. The dust forces them out into the open and then kills them. We then treat the interior of your building to reduce their numbers, using a cockroach repellent spray. Baiting is important in order to target more cockroaches, using roach gels. We apply the bait in strategic locations, including cupboards, door frames, hinges and window sills.

We ensure that all key areas are treated which include:

  • Gutters
  • Drains
  • Walls
  • Bins
  • Mulched gardens
  • Garages
  • Bores
  • Paving

Know your cockroach species

Typically you are likely to get one of the three common species of cockroaches in your home or business. These are Australian and American roaches (large) or German roaches (small). The Australian and Americancockroaches fly in from outside, while the German roaches live in your kitchen, fitting into all the cracks and holes in your walls. The German roach species is also very resilient against pest control. This is due to the large amount of babies that are produced from each egg, the short period until they reach sexual maturity, and also their capability of hiding easily due to their smaller size.

The best method for killing German cockroaches is by using bait placed in the cracks and crevices that they hide and nest in. Gel bait is best for filling in these cracks and very effective as a cockroach killer.

Harmful to your health

While a cockroach infestation is a nuisance, they also trigger allergies and spread bacteria and diseases. You could risk the spread of salmonella and gastroenteritis if you don’t control your cockroach infestation fast enough. The bacteria that cause these illnesses are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches, and easily deposited on food and utensils. Cockroaches can also trigger asthma attacks in children and the elderly. These allergic reactions are caused by the skin that these insects shed.

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