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Allpest are experts in pest control company in Western Australia, with branches throughout the state. With a highly skilled, experienced and qualified team, we provide quality services to treat, remove and prevent pests from returning to your home or business. We encourage all our Bunbury WA business owners and residents to ensure they have their termites and pest inspections scheduled. Generally it's more cost effective to have regular pest treatments than the cost of damage if left unchecked. Our reliable and local team can provide the control services needed in the South West.


Situated 175 kilometers south of Perth, the city is home to approximately 75,000 residents. It's the third largest population base in the

pest services in Bunbury

state, and enjoys coastal and rural living in a mediterranean climate. The city was established in the 1830s by Governor James Stirling, and named after Henry Bunbury. (Source: Wikipedia)

With a mix of coastal and rural living the area presents a wide range of pest challenges for both residential and commercial customers.

We also provide service outside of the city, including Eaton and other areas of the South West.

Pest Services Offered

  • Termite management, extermination & treatment
  • Our high quality termite treatment and inspection services ensure our customers get superior customers service and results. Our pest control treatment programs include pre and post purchase inspections, for white ants, recommendations, white ant treatments, extermination, prevention and control. This may include chemical, baiting, and alternatives such as Exterra. Termites are a constant problem in the South West and these pests should should be part of any termite control program.
  • Rodent (rats & mice) removal & treatment
  • Bunbury is a fertile rural location, and provides ample food sources for a wide variety of pests. Our inspection and rodent control solutions ensure that disease and contamination is reduced, and reduce the prevalence of rats and mice making their way into your home or buildings. Using the latest technology and environmentally friendly techniques, we get results.
  • Wasp & Bees
  • Wasps and bees can be a safety risk in Bunbury in the spring and summer months in particular. We offer a comprehensive bee hive treatment and removal program. Both wasps and bees can be dangerous to both humans and animals. These pests can be particularly prevalent in spring time in the South West.
  • Cockroach pest Control
  • Roaches are one of nature's survivors, and they will make their way into all parts of your home, office, warehouse, or property. While they can be a pest hygiene risk, they are also a nuisance and unsightly. If you own a commercial kitchen or facility you want to make sure you don't have cockroaches.
  • Complete pest control services
  • pre purchase inspections in Bunbury, including termites;
  • natural and eco friendly pest control;
  • silverfish;
  • snakes (brown, red bellied black, tiger, dugites and others);
  • millipedes;
  • birds;
  • ants; black ants and bull ants and other ant treatments;
  • cockroaches pest;
  • biosecurity for government and commercial facilities;
  • bed bug eradication and control;
  • commercial fumigation;
  • weed and noxious weed management;
  • and everything else in between!

For more information on our local pest services for pest control Bunbury, please contact us using the information on this page.

If you are looking for pest control Busselton, please visit this page.


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