Mice are a pest that are commonly difficult to actually see. Instead, you are likely to see the results of the mouse infestation perth homes have rather than the actual mice itself. If you do spot a mouse in your home, it will likely look like a rapidly moving furry blur. Mice are wickedly fast and often have various roots around the home. That means that they can escape through cracks in the walls, holes or even the ventilation system.

Mice are also notorious for being shy animals. They see humans as a predator and will avoid any form of interaction. This is another reason why you are unlikely to see mice, even if you have an infestation. Remember, mice like other pests, are nocturnal creatures. They will come out at night to feed and so you are unlikely to see a mouse during the day.

They enter your home looking for either food or warmth. As such, mice can be a sign that your home is dirty with food particles around the floor that mice can consume. One of the ways to get rid of mice is to cut off their food source. However, mice are expert foragers and will find anything that isn’t tightly secured and locked away. If you have a mouse infestation, it’s not uncommon to find holes in cardboard food boxes that a mouse has chewed right through.

If you are hunting for mice in your home, be aware that they will stick close to the walls. They will not typically be seen in an open space unless there is a particular source of food there. This is why mouse traps should be put around the sides of the walls and in corners.


How To Cope With The Problem

There are a few ways that you can cope with a mice infestation on your property. First, you need to make sure that you are sealing any entry points into your home. It’s important to be aware that mice can slip through even the smallest of cracks and crevices. As such, any cracks or holes around your home must be sealed. As well as this, while cleaning up your home won’t eliminate the issue, it can stop one from developing and prevent you from getting mice in your home.

There are also a range of traps that you can use to catch mice. One of the most basic traps would be a bucket with some peanut butter or any food at the bottom. Put a ramp leading into the bucket with the food just out of reach. Hopefully, the mouse will then fall into the bucket trying to retrieve the food.

This type of trap may help you deal with one or two mice on your property. However, if you have a full infestation, you will need our services to eliminate the issue. If mice are causing issues in your home or commercial premises, it's important to seek the most effective mouse management available to ensure effective treatment and removal of rodents. Mice are most commonly found in buildings in the cold wet winter months and cause significant losses to the agriculture industry by eating recently sown or germinating seedlings.



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