Snakes play an important part of our eco-system within the Perth metropolitan area, and most assist in maintaining our rodent population. With ten snake handlers on staff, Allpest provide fast, safe and legal snake management for relocation of snakes.

When it comes to snakes in Perth, the most commonly found snakes are dugites (pictured left) and tiger snakes. Tiger snakes are most commonly found in vegetated areas and wetlands. Dugites are most commonly found in more arid bushland areas. Both species feed primarily on small mammals (rodents), frogs and lizards. Snakes are active during the day and in the warmer months of the year they are also active at night time.

When you encounter a snake around your home or business, the following precautions should be observed.

Snakes can be venomous, it is important to be calm and think rationally when encountering a snake.

  • Most snake bites occur when a snake is accidentally stepped on or an untrained or inexperienced person attempts to catch the snake.
  • Do not approach the snake or aggravate it in any way.
  • Snakes will most often settle and calm down in darkness, if safely possible confine the snake to an area and turn off lights if in a room.
  • If a snake is cornered, it will attempt to leave the area the same way it came in. If you are standing between the snake and the exit then it may seem as though the snake is coming towards you, when in fact it is just trying to leave.
  • Stand still. Snakes are used to being in the bush where not a lot moves, any movement will make the snake nervous and more likely to bite in defence.
  • As a predator, snakes have fast accurate reflexes. If a snake strikes at you but misses, the likelihood is that the snake has missed you as a warning strike.

You can reduce the chances of a snake entering specific areas by carrying out rodent baiting which removes their food source and proofing which removes their desired habitats.

Allpest provides an emergency snake removal Perth-wide service, where we can provide an immediate response to any snake situation.

We have on staff a number of CALM registered snake handlers who are well trained and equipped to safely catch, transport and release snakes back into suitable bushland. Additionally Allpest has a number of snake traps that are available for use where the presence of a snake is known but is unable to be found, to ensure safe snake removal.

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