Rat exterminators and rodent control solutions

Like mice, rats can pose a significant health risk when infesting homes and businesses, spreading disease and contaminating food, as well as damaging electrical wiring, and buildings. This can lead to potential fires. So, if you are faced with a rodent problem, a pest control rats service must be called.

Allpest uses safe and effective methods when carrying out our proven rat control in Perth. We identify the source of the infestation, provide efficient removal, ensure the proper treatment and control of the rodents, and prevent their return.

Rat infestation signs

In Perth, some of the most common rodent species are the house mouse, brown rat and roof rat. Listen for any noises in your roof. You can hear them scuttling, scratching or gnawing, you can also sometimes smell them. Look out for brown rub marks on walls, stains on roof plaster and droppings. You can also tell that you have a rat infestation if you notice bite marks or gnawing on your wood or plastic items. They will also rip open bags with their teeth.

Rodent pest control methods

As a cunning pest, rats can quickly multiply in and around homes, making their control difficult. They can also bring parasites into the home, such as fleas and ticks, ensuring the spread of disease. We treat a rodent problem by using baiting and traps. We begin by checking the roof and other areas for rodent entry points and living areas. It’s important to treat the roof using the best and safest rodent control products. We place tamper-proof bait stations and traps strategically, hidden out of sight. Rat bait is a poisonous chemical formulated to be highly toxic to rats and mice.

Rat prevention

We offer advice and tips that you can use to prevent the return of rats to your home or business. It is recommended to remove any food and water sources available to rodents from your home. Keep food in locked containers. Remember to put pet food away. Also pick up any fallen fruit in your garden. Don’t put rubbish out at night, rather keep it indoors overnight if possible. We will also inspect your home or business for entry points where you can fit mesh over to prevent rats from getting inside. By proofing your home, it will make it less appealing for rodents to want to enter.

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