Flies, Mosquitoes & Midges

Flies, Mosquitoes & Midges



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**This price is only available throughout metropolitan Perth only**


A qualified Allpest technician will conduct a thorough inspection and apply a residual spray to surfaces where flies and mosquitoes are known to come to rest. They will spray walls, awnings, fences and vegetated areas in proximity to buildings. Where residual treatments are not possible a bait and lure will be installed.


Location: Internal areas and surrounds of domestic buildings. Structures suitable for residual surface treatments. Awnings, fences and vegetated areas in proximity to buildings.
Scheduled Time (hr):
Free Service Period: Not Applicable

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The perception of the level of control of flying insects achieved within any given area treated with a residual surface spray will be affected by the extent of in-migration of individuals from external (un-treated) areas. A residual surface spray will only control those insects that alight on the treated surfaces and therefore complete elimination of flying insects from the treated area should not necessarily always be expected.