Pest Control on building infrastructure at Gorgon Mining Project
Preparing for fumigation on commercial site
Fumigation services for quarantine management

Global Consultants

With experience in all fields of pest control, Allpest is now striving to build an International reputation for dependable quarantine management.

Having dedicated significant time and investment into the Gorgon project among others, Allpest has harnessed the talent of many professionals within Australia, and developed a highly mobile Department with the ability to service fumigation and quarantine jobs all over the world.

So far Allpest has serviced vessels and docks across Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong, Allpest has even served clients as far away as China and South Korea. If the situations allows we are also able to board vessels under power and perform our work as they travel.

Being project driven, Allpest is capable of devising a plan for even the most delicate or complex situation.

Please contact our Resources and Fumigation Department on +61 08 9416 0251

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