The Two Minute Bed Bug Inspection

Remember you are looking for live Bed Bugs, eggs or blood spotting. Live Bed Bugs will congregate together; however, you can still find them alone, and where there are Bed Bugs you’ll normally find eggs and blood spotting in the same location.

Step 1

Pull back bed covers on the corners of the bed and inspect all the seams of the mattress on all four corners. For ensemble beds, check along the seams between the mattress and base for Bed Bugs. For Slatted beds, check under the slats where they meet the side of the bed frame.

Step 2

Check behind corner plastic protectors. Bed Bugs like to congregate inside these corner protectors.



Step 3

Check where bed wheels attach to the bed and where the dust cover is fastened to the ensemble base on each corner. Bed Bugs are known to congregate inside the wheel where it meets the base. If you suspect that Bed Bugs may be between the wheel and the mattress it is worth further investigation.

Step 4

If the bed has been slept in since the sheets were last changed then an inspection of the sheets for blood spotting is highly recommended. While blood spots can be caused many ways, they are another infestation indicator.

Other places to inspect includes behind picture frames, curtains and window furnishings, bedside tables, skirtings and generally anything in the direct vicinity of the bed.

Step 5

If Bed Bugs are found report the infestation to the Catering Manager immediately and do not remove anything from the room.


"This inspection is no guarantee that a room does not have Bed Bugs; however, it is a guide on where the most common areas you'll find Bed Bugs in an infested room" For a professional removal process, please call Allpest at 08 9416 0223.

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