Bed Bugs

Eradication of Bed Bugs from a Hotel Room

  1. Bed Bugs found in room – the Bed Bugs may be found by either the occupant or the cleaning staff.
  2. Quarantine room – no items should either enter or leave the room once Bed Bugs have been identified. Importantly no unsupervised access to the room by the occupant. Any linen in the room should be left in place at this stage. Any housekeeping carts that have either been in the room or contained linen from the room must quarantined until the pest manager arrives. This includes items on the cart such as mops, brooms, vacuums etc.
  3. Report to Catering Manager – fill out the Bed Bug Infestation Report and provide report to the Catering manager. Catering Manager to provide EPCM and the Company Representative with a copy of the partially completed Bed Bug Infestation Report.
  4. Inspect neighbouring rooms – any rooms that have adjoining walls with the infested room must be inspected for Bed Bugs. In addition to inspection of the bed an inspection of furniture along the adjoining wall should be carried out.
  5. Catering Manager and Occupant Discussion – the discussion with the occupant of the room as per the Camp Manager and Occupant Discussion Guide (Page 16) in this handbook.
  6. Supervise removal of appropriate personal items – the occupant will generally be uninformed as to the seriousness of Bed Bug infestations and will likely want to remove all of his or her belongings. Supervised removal of their items as per the Item Removal Chart (Page 7) will ensure integrity of the procedure and limit any infestation of additional rooms.
  7. Provide new clothing and new room to occupant – as many of the occupant’s clothing items will either need to be left in the room or taken to be hot washed they will need temporary clothing.
  8. Record Details of Infestation – details of the processes that have been occurring should have been recorded on the Bed Bug Infestation Report; however, now is a good time to stop and ensure that this has happened.
  9. Call Pest Manager for Treatment – Call Allpest (1300 737 801) to arrange treatment.  Delaying treatment may increase the risk of further contamination!
  10. Prepare room as per pest manager’s requirements – The pest manager may request that specific tasks are carried out prior to their arrival. An example may include removal of linens or vacuuming the mattress.
  11. Pest Manager advises of any further items that can be removed – upon a more detailed inspection and assessment of the room the pest manager should be able to identify any personal items that can be safely removed from the room without risk of contaminating another room.
  12. First Treatment – the first treatment should be carried out as soon as possible after identification of the room containing Bed Bugs. The pest manager will provide specific details with respect to re-entry times and any further work required to the room between treatments. Ideally treatment follows the industry Code of Practice. This includes treatment of the housekeeping carts and equipment. Where it is not possible to follow some aspect of the Code of Practice, the pest manager will explain why this is the case and outline the consequent risks.
  13. Inspection of Additional Rooms – Rooms adjoining the infested room must be made available for inspection by the pest manager at each treatment. Additionally, the pest manager should inspect the room the occupant has been transferred to.
  14. Room still Quarantined – At this point in time the room must not be occupied. Where possible the ambient room temperature should be kept at 27°C. Any access to the room required by the occupant should be supervised by the camp manager to ensure that items listed as prohibited from leaving the room are not taken.
  15. 10 to 21 days later Second Treatment – The pest manager will advise when the second treatment will be carried out.
  16. Pest Manager either clears room for use or schedules third treatment – Should, upon inspection, activity still be present then additional treatment will be required and the pest manager will advise as to when a subsequent treatment will occur.
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