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White Ant Control Perth

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When it comes to effective, professional and safe ant management in WA, Allpest are the experts.

Considering there are about 3000 different species of ants residing in Australia, including the ever-intrusive white ant (termites), white ant management in Perth is crucial to avoid damage and the spread of disease.

In Perth, the coastal brown ant invades homes or commercial premises, causing a nuisance. Appliances can short out becoming a fire hazard. Ants can also spread disease.

The white-footed house ant, also found in Perth, enjoys sweet-tasting food and can also cause damage to appliances, including short-circuiting air conditioning units.

Ant bites can cause a painful reaction in humans most notorious for this being Fire ants. However they are more commonly a structural pest e.g. Singapore Ants, who like to eat plastics and rubber in building materials.

Allpest uses proven techniques for the
swift and safe management of ant colonies whilst preventing their return.

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