Fumigation Services

Accredited by AQIS!

Allpest fumigation service perth

Allpest is experienced and licensed to fumigate according to your needs. Every fumigation service carried out by Allpest adheres to the relevant Australian and AQIS standards to comply with the requirement to reduce the risk of introducing exotic pests and diseases into Australia.

Allpest is responsible for fumigation services at a number of projects and businesses across Western Australia and the world. Our services include carrying out fumigation on import/exports and conducting fumigation on-board vessels.

Our services are designed to meet our client’s expectations and to comply with quality and safety protocols of International standard. We also meet the Australian Bio-security requirements, some of the most stringent in the world. 

Allpest has vast experience in delivering AQIS/DAFF Fumigation and Quarantine compliant services within Australia and overseas and is equipped to provide the following services:

Allpest's commitment to quality service has lead to the following accreditation's;

1.            AQIS/DAFF accreditation to provide Methyl bromide fumigation.

2.            AQIS/DAFF Authorised Officer Hay Export

3.            HACCP accreditation for providing services to food businesses, storage facilities, warehousing and transportation.

4.            All technicians Licensed by Department of Health Western Australia.

5.            MSIC and TBOSIET (HUET) accreditation for Offshore & Vessel work

 Allpest also provide fumigation services for the Australian Government. Recently this has expanded to fumigating the vessels asylum seekers use to reach Australia. This stands as a constant reminder of our commitment to maintaining national standards, and protecting Australia's Bio-diversity.