Commercial Services

Pests are bad for business!

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Allpest  was established in 1959. From 1998 a dedicated Commercial team was formed and Allpest now supports a wide range of local, national and international clients in a variety of industries. Allpest’s 53 years of specialised pest management experience means we are equipped to protect your businesses interests.

Our rapid development in the resource sector has allowed us to partner with major mining, oil

And gas companies to support resource projects throughout Western Australia, and in

Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and many more.

Consider these points of difference when selecting your pest management provider:

Our portfolio of over 2000 active commercial clients is spread across a number of industries including Mining, Oil and Gas, Health Care, Aged Care, Restaurants, Food Processors, Manufacturers and Retailers, Schools and Universities, Property Managers, Manufacturing, Distribution and Warehousing. We also provide pest management solutions to a large number of businesses who are not legally obliged to carry out pest control but wish to maintain a safe and hygienic workplace.

For Commercial Pest Control, call Allpest today on 9416 0220 or email for a representative to contact you shortly.

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